Web pages not loading correctly after install (Ubuntu)

Hi Everyone,

I need some assistance. I am pretty sure I have an incorrect setting in one of my conf files but I don’t know where. In short, it seems like Apache is pointing to the wrong directory. If I go to http://servername I see the default Apache index.html page. All of my HelpSpot files are located in /var/www/html/helpspot/ and if I go to http://servername/admin I get: the requested URL is not found on the server. Through messing around, I noticed that if I go to http://servername/helpspot/ I can see all of the help spot files and folders. If I go to http://servername/helpspot/public/ I get a webpage that appears “broken” in that it is missing formatting. (See screenshot.) Finally, when I go to http://servername/helpspot/public/admin as per the instructions, the page will not load at all. While I am quite familiar with Linux, I am not familiar with running a web server on Linux. Which conf files do you need to see in order to help?