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Web services



Does HelpSpot support web services at all? I am looking to integrate HelpSpot with another application with a piece of custom kit between the two, I could use the database direct but some web services would be nice.




Web services were initial going to be built into version 1, but there just wasn’t time and in the end we needed to make sure the core request management functionality worked really well before building the web services on top.

Web services are going to be a big part of version 2, though that’s not going to help you right now of course.

As you say, you could access the DB directly, though if you’re doing writing you need to be extra careful.

If you just need basic integration you can use the build in email parser. Basically your app could send an email to HelpSpot containing all the customers information and HelpSpot can automatically parse it out. It’s sort of old school web services if you will.

We have the documentation for it, but it’s not posted yet. It should be up later this morning. I’ll post the link here when it is.


Here’s the page with the tags you can use in email bodies to pass information to HelpSpot. I expect the tag list will expand as well in future versions. For now it’s only customer information.