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WeChat integration


Hello Helpspot community,

I am thinking of way to interact better with our customers in China, where WeChat is a very popular way of communicating, not only privately but also with service engineers.
Our partners in China would benfit a lot from a help desk system that offers weChat integration. Is there anyone else experiencing the same problem?



I’m not very well versed in what API endpoints wechat provides. How would you envision a WeChat->HelpSpot integration working?


Hi Matt,
thank for having a look. I do not know much abiut WeChat either, bt I did a quick search on the Internet and found that there is a connector for Zendesk (ongair), which means that it is feasible.
I was just wondering if anyone else has this nut to crack…I would very much like to reach our customer base in China better. WeChat is a culturla phenomenon not well understood here in the west.


Hi Matt,

after thinking about it and looking at Zendesk’s page, I believe it will work just like with email, meaning that you give Zendesk yor WeChat credentials and it pulls messages from there, When you send messages through HS, they go out via the WeChat account. Does that make sense?

Best regards,