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Welcome to the HelpSpot Academy Forums


Hi! In 2005 I founded UserScape with the goal to make a different kind of help desk software. One that ran in a browser rather than a desktop client (radical!!!). Little did I know that a decade later we’d have tens of thousands of people using HelpSpot every day.

Now, in 2015 we’re making a more concerted effort than ever to engage you, users of HelpSpot. You’ll be seeing a lot more information, training materials, and releases than ever before. The HelpSpot Academy itself and these forums are an important first step.

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you make it a regular occurrence!

Also, for our new friends who aren’t using HelpSpot yet. Take a look around. We’re a warm and friendly community and would love to have you participate as well.


There’s a few questions that are pretty common so I want to get those out of the way.

Who can participate?

These forums are open to all. While it’s primarily HelpSpot users in here, it’s not exclusively so. There’s a ton of topics of general interest to the support community as a whole.

I see there’s an Introductions category. Do I have to?

You don’t have to make an introduction, but if you want to that’d be great!

Why aren’t you using HelpSpot’s own forum system?

Yes, indeed HelpSpot has forums built in! And in fact we used those for about 10 years and have imported that history here so it’s not lost. However, the forums in HelpSpot have 2 very specific goals.

  1. To be a super simple way for people who might stop by your HelpSpot portal once a year to ask a question. There’s no logins, no profiles, no categories, no nothing! Optimized for the very occasional user.
  2. Private forums are there for a place where the help desk team can communicate internally. Post announcements, hook in remote team members, etc.

When we started to think about HelpSpot Academy we knew we wanted a forum that was for more than to just ask how to questions (though it’s great for that). We want it to become a place to hang out, where we can swap support best practices, build a community. That’s simply not what HelpSpot’s forums are designed to do.

We did kick around the idea of making HelpSpot’s forums work like that. A full fledged bit of forum software though is a massive undertaking. Right now, not enough of our customers need those type of community features. At least for now, we’d rather spend that time building out better searching, improved request management, more reports, etc.

What forum software is this?

We use the wonder Discourse.



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