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Whether we can add new form and update the form in database?


I want to add a new account login form.whether it is possible submit a form,and also to create a ticket?Please guide me



Hi Raji,

Unfortunately I’m not exactly clear on what you’re asking. If you’re trying to create requests from another system you probably want to look at our API:


Hi lan landsman,

Thanks for your reply.
Actually what i have to my project is, I need to create a new user details request form and also store these details in database.Whether we can do it using templates or api?.
Please guide me.



Hi Raji,

Well if you need to store custom information you need to use custom fields, you can’t just add fields to the database, you have to tell HelpSpot about the fields and you do that with custom fields in Admin->Tools->Custom Request Fields.

Those fields will then show up on the request page, if you just want to customize their layout you can then just do that with the templates. You could also use the API if you need to create the form on a remote website or page.



Thanks for your reply.Now my new form worked.But i want to know about the “tNote” field.

I no need this field.But after including this field only my form worked.Then i no need the “subject custom field” in my new form.But without this field also my form is not working.

Please guide me.