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Which is best version for PHP 7.0 and MySQL 5.5


Had to upgrade to PHP 7.0.30 but can not upgrade MySQL so stuck at 5.5.58-cll - MySQL Community Server (GPL)

Which is the best HS version for this combination? 4.6.6?



4.6.6 gives me:

There has been an error, please see below
These errors are often due to database user permissions. Please fix the permissions or other error source and re-run installer.php.
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1214 The used table type doesn’t support FULLTEXT indexes (SQL: ALTER TABLE HS_Forums_Posts ADD FULLTEXT INDEX ft_forum_post (tPost))


Hi Paul!

Sorry about the MySQL limitations! The FULLTEXT index on InnoDB tables is only available on MySQL 5.6+

Here’s some thoughts on that:

  1. You might have a file leftover from trying a newer version first - file install/migrations/2017_01_26_140611_create_fulltext_indexes.php was added a version 4.6.8 which should be what’s giving you that error. That file shouldn’t be present in version 4.6.6.
  2. You should be able to go up to 4.6.7 without hitting that error if you wanted to grab that version as well.


Thank you, yes I think it probably was a left over mess from trying a higher version that was causing me the error.

There is no 4.6.7 on this page:

I’ll think I’ll stick at 4.6.6 for now.

Thanks for your input