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Widget form field question


Got the new version uploaded and installed. Looks great. Love the widget

I do have a question on it though.
I use both ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ on the request form, so when the user fills out the Name field on the widget ,it shows up in the Last Name on Helpspot

Is there a way to have a first name and last name on the widget which in turn would auto fill out the correct fields in the request

I tried
text_firstname: ‘Your First Name’,
text_lastname: ‘Your Last Name’,
text_firstname_er: ‘Please provide your first name’,
text_lastname_er: ‘Please provide your last name’,

But this didn’t work

Thanks again!


Hi Scott,

Are you sure about that, I can’t replicate that. What HS does is if only one name is supplied it puts it in the last name, but if there’s 2 words or more there the first will be the first name and the rest will be the last.

Let me know if you’re not seeing that.


Wow, you’re right! Did another test with a ‘full name’ and worked perfectly!
Great job!


Nice! When you get it live let us see how you made out with it. We’d like to see how people use it as well as hear any feedback you have over time.


Hey, I thought I remembered your website and went and checked it out. I see it’s already up there, nice!

It looks like you got rid of the HS logo by deleting it, which is fine but that’s not a good way to do it. It shows as a broken image in some browsers. You should replace it with a transparent image (though it’d still be clickable) or use the technique in this forum thread which is better:


Hey Thanks Ian!
The Helpspot is still working great!!! and works perfect for us. I don’t use it really what it was intended for, but it does work perfectly for what I need it for.

Really like the new widget feature!

Right now I only have it on the index page. I plan on adding it to all other pages of the website (I believe I have about 10,000 on Yahoo).

Thanks for the tip! My competitors seem to ‘try to’ emulate EVERYTHING I do, so I like to keep them guessing at some things :slight_smile:


heh, sure no problem at all. You don’t have to keep it up, just didn’t want you to look bad with a broken image.