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Widget Woes


I’ve got a few issues with implementing the widget.

  1. In FF6 it’s broken. The message goes through, but there’s never a “Widget opened from” suffix so I can’t categorise them. Also after clicking submit, all that’s left is the close image. No message, and no white box like on other browsers.

  2. In automation rules, when detecting a widget request, I can’t set the mailbox to correctly reflect the site that the request came from. This means I have to manually set it for every request, or I risk sending the mail from an irrelevant mailbox.

  3. Customizable fields would be nice.

Apart from those items with the widget, I’m blown away by how customizable the whole system is.

Thanks for making my life easier :slight_smile:


In fact, the only browser I can get the “Message submitted, thanks” message on is Chrome.

FF, IE9, Opera & Safari all don’t show the message for me.
I’m on win7 fyi.

I must be doing something wrong here.


Never mind - I wrote my own.

I’m just using a lightbox and emailing the questions to the relevant mailbox with php.

Thanks :slight_smile:


OK that sounds like a good solution!

I think something must have been wrong to be broken on all those browsers, but the way you’re doing it will be more flexible for what it sounds like you’re looking to do so I think that’s a fine move.


As a new user of HelpSpot, the only downsides that I’ve found so far are the problems with the widgets, and the lack of ability to customize the widgets (as Andy mentioned above.)

Since my company needs highly customized widgets, as well as the ability to easily add the widget code on multiple pages and simply have it work, I created our own version of the widget plugin.

I basically cloned the default HelpSpot widget, but added a lot of options, and the ability to customize almost everything. The plugin also uses the HelpSpot API to create new tickets (rather than just sending an email to a specified inbox)

If anyone is interested, the plugin is hosted on GitHub, and can be found here:

I’ve also setup a live sample here:

The plugin is definitely in beta, so if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me (or even better, fork the project on GitHub!)

Best Regards

Mike Everhart


Looks fantastic! Glad you added an example page that’s great. Once V3 is out we’re going to organize a more formal page linking to the different projects people are doing around HelpSpot, we’ll definitely get this up there.