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Within Responces > Request Actions > Custom Fields, Add Support for Reletive Date


Within Responses > Request Actions > Custom Fields, Add Support for Reletive Date

Request responses are predefined answers to commonly asked questions.
I love the Responses we use them for everything from routing requests, to troubleshooting steps, to talking points on key issues.

However we are currently unable to use the Date function on the custom fields because you have to set all requests to a specific date when you use the field. I can’t actually think when you would ever wan to use that. (I am really curious how someone uses that).

Instead I would love it if the Date picker allowed you to identify some relative time or date in that field.
Here are some use cases:

  • Set the request for "Due for escalation + 2 hours from the time the response was selected)
  • Schedule the case for developers to work + 3 days from the day the response was indicated.
  • Schedule all Features for review by business team within + 10 days of when submitted.

Example Values:

  • Now (stamp with today’s date and time the Response was selected.
  • Today
  • Yesterday (maybe?)
  • Last Friday (use on Monday morning?)
  • This week (Friday)
  • Next week (Friday)
    • 2 hours
    • x hours
    • x days


I like this idea, that would certainly make it much more useful.


Ian, this request came up from our team again in a different context. Is there any workaround you can think of that can set the date/time stamp for “today” when a request is processed through a Response? For example using a custom script or using a trigger or something?