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Workaround for forced unique category names?



We want to implement secondary portals to support various international branches. We would like to have basically the same set of categories broken out for each country. So for instance we would want categories for “General Information” “Product Issues” “Pre-Sales Questions” etc. for each country.

But even if i try and create these categories by grouoping for each country, I can’t get around Helpspot forcing unique category names. What we don’t want it “US General Information” “CA General Information” “UK General Information”, etc.

Anyone have any good workarounds for something like this?

Thank you.


Hi Brad,

Well, wouldn’t you want them to be the same? This way all General Info requests are treaded equally no matter the country? You can always see the country it came from by adding a filter condition of portal = “uk” or whichever you want to see.


Hi Ian,

Thank you for the reponse. Actually, that is exactly what we want, ie for the category names to be the same. So when the client chooses from the drop down list, they can just choose “General Info” for whatever country (as opposed to “UK General Info” or “CA General Info”). But we want to be able to route the the General Info requests (or whatever it is) to the correct country/email address.

I guess i just need the one category for General Info, but i then need a way to route those requests to the correct inbox. I can make groupings by country but don’t see any way to filter requests based on a Grouping (or a portal for that matter).

Feel like I’m missing something easy here… :wink:


Hi Brad,

You don’t need any groupings (unless you want them) just list out General Info, Pre Sales, Bug reports… just 1 set of categories.

HelpSpot knows the portal something came in on so you’d then use that in filters as needed in addition to the categories. So you can create a filter that says show me requests where category is General Info and it came from the UK portal.

Then you could also have higher level filters/reports that look only for general info when you don’t care about the country.


Hi Ian,

The CSR supervisor says she actually wants the requests to be assigned to a particular staffer, so here’s what i came up with (except its not working).

Made my top level categories (General Info, Pre-Sales etc.) Made sample portal. Made a generic category called “All Staffers” (which in theory would eventually have all world=wide employees). Disabled auto assign for the top level categories.

Then I created an automation rule called US General Info (Us also being the primary portal). I set 2 rules:
if Portal is Primary Portal, and
if Category is General Information
then perform action
set category to “All Staffers” then assigned to my username (Admin B)

But when I submit requests from the primary portal to that General Info category, the request isn’t getting assigned to my user, it stays in the general inbox.

Any ideas?


Automation rules run on a schedule not in real time. So depending on the schedule it will run later and update it. If you want it to check in real time as you probably do for this try using a trigger and make sure you set it for on “create”.


Hi Ian

I setup the trigger in exactly the same way and (on create, with the Portal and Category parameters listed above), and get a 500 error. Its consistent too, disable the trigger, its fine. Enable it and I get a 500 server error when submitting a request. Any ideas?

And thanks!


Are you on HelpSpot 3.1.6? If not try upgrading.