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Workspace Initial Request column width too long


I am setting up my HelpSpot account now and during testing, uncovered that if the entire notes field is used the Workspace Initial Request column stretches the page. I was able to update the CSS to fix this on the portal but can’t figure out where to update for the Workspace.
Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


Hi Andrea,

This normally only occurs if you have a link or something that has no breaks in it and that stretches the page. This should not occur generally, the CSS is in place to let the extra text overflow if it’s just normal text without stretching the page.


I am using plain text as my test. The test is a series of a single letter populating the entire “Details” box located on the Portal. It was stretching the page on the portal as well but I found a fix for in a forum post.


Yea, that’s fairly rare in actual usage. We’ve actually made a modification to the staff area workspace so you shouldn’t see that pulling after the next release.


Thanks. Do you have an ETA on that release?


We don’t provide exact release dates, but we’re nearing completion. It should be in the next month or two.