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WYSIWG editor not loading


Did you solve the problem? I have the same issue. When i try to respond to a ticket the editor doesn’t show up.
I recive the following error : " Unable to load editor. See browser console for details."

Helpspot is installed on ubuntu 16.04 but i can reach the address from windows and mac to.
It doesn’t load on any.

WYSIWYG Editor not loading

I would recommending opening up your console in your browser. On chrome this will be Command+Option+J or Control+Shift+J then try to load the editor and let us know what errors you get.


Hi Matt,

Sorry fo my late response. I have been in holiday and somehow missed your request.
Below you can see a picture with th JS error. I have now updated helpspot to the latest version, but still have the same problem.


Hi Matt,

have you seen my post?Hi Priit,

I have now updated helpdesk to the latest version 4.8.3 with no luck.