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WYSIWYG Editor not loading


When writing a knowledge book article the WYSIWYG editor has not been loading. Html script (with code etc.) comes up but no editor/buttons above the text box. Tested on Chrome/Firefox/IE.


Make sure it wasn’t turned off in admin-settings-knowledge books


Yeah. I have checked that. It was enabled and not loading so I disabled it and then re-enabled it a few days later. I left it for a couple more days and it was still not loading.


Hi James,

Could you check to see if there’s any javascript errors via the developer tools in the browser.



Hopefully this is what you wanted me to do.
In Firefox - Tools -> Web Developer -> Error Console.

I then refreshed a webpage containing the WYSIWYG editor. There are no errors on the page, but there are quite a lot of ‘Warnings’ (+100 by my guess).

Thanks again.


Look in /static_3.1.6/js/tiny_mce_3432/ and see if there’s any .gz files in there. If there are delete them and see if that fixes it.

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