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Zapier Beta Link to Asana


Hey all first post; diving in deep here and trying to setup webhooks with zapier to our P.M. app Asana for push notification purposes as RSS feeds fail epicly with outlook (thanks bill gates). The zapier links seem to be great for ticket escalation to programmers (who frankly don’t want to use/learn helpdesk), but I am having issue when it comes to linking the forum or knowledge bases for alert purposes.


Hi could you let us know what issues you are seeing? I’m not quite clear what the problem is you are encountering.


I’m looking for a helpdesk trigger from forum posts to go through the zapier webhooks to asana.


Ahha. Ok. The forum doesn’t have webhook integration. You could use the rss feed from the forums to pipe into zapier and update asana.


okay cool i got the pipe working for forums to post on asana… now is there a way to have it work for forums that are private to the organization? Zapier does have username/password fields to accept however the RSS url has to be public for some reason.

IE: (ORG Link)…/index.php?pg=forums.feed&id=3 works;
while (ORG Link)…/admin.php?pg=feed_forum&type=RSS20&forum=1 does not work

the major difference i’m noticing is the /admin.php?pg & /index.php?pg portions.


Ok, I just set this up in a test instance and it appears to be working. Is it possible the user you are authenticating with doesn’t have rights to the forums?