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Zend Optimizer not supported by Yahoo! Hosting


Hi Ian,

I just downloaded your trial. But Zend optimizer is not supported by Yahoo! Hosting. I’m interested in buying your product. Do you think there’s a workaround?

I’m not ready to change my web host yet, as there’re too many things locked in.


Hi Say Joe,

There’s no direct work around, but if you like I could build you a hosted trial on our servers. Then you could check out the software and if you like it use another host for HelpSpot. There’s not really a need to get rid of Yahoo, you’ll just need a second host for HelpSpot.


Thanks, Ian.

Honestly speaking, I’m not so keen to host my help desk on another server. But I’d like to give it a try. Who knows maybe I’d change my mind. Can you set me up a hosted trial? Thanks.


Sure, I’ll send your access email shortly. Also we’re currently working on a partnership with a well known hosting company to provide dedicated HelpSpot hosting. That may be a better option, since it will be full service.

Our website will have a link when it’s available.